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Architecturally, the concept behind the three storeys plus basement Taichung Tun District Art Center is to combine Tai Chi (Harmony) with Moderation and Simplicity to create a intelligent building. By using circular arcs in the building line a musical rhythm is given to the building, emphasizing simplicity, nature, ecology and harmony. The Centre covers an area of nearly 5 hectares, with a total floor area of 6,700 pings (22,140m2). The main building consists of an 1190-seat multi-function auditorium, a 210 seat experimental theater, fine art and antiquities collection hall, exhibition halls, large conference room and administrative center. Outdoor landscaping includes amphitheater, ecology green bridge, and two outdoor parking lots.
The Centre is a primary venue for the Performing Arts, Music, Fine Arts and Cultural Promotion. In the future, with the aim of promoting art education, we will passionately engage in a wide variety of artistic and cultural performances combining teaching with local community life, as well as promoting international cultural and artistic exchanges.
Taichung Tun District Art Center is located on the corner of Taiping DaShing Road and ChangAa2n East Road in Taiping City. The environment is elegant and beautiful, and overlooks the Dakeng Scenic area of Taichung City. Newly built cycle paths utilizing original country roads and running beside the Pu-Tzer stream join the Cultural Centre to other regional attractions including the JoTongSan Scenic Forest, a waterfall, and a number of tourist/leisure farms, making this area a prime leisure / entertainment destination.