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Site: Exhibition Room A, Taichung City Tun District Art Center
Opening Ceremony: 2:30PM on Saturday ,July 8,2017

The Road to Brass Sculpture 

Mr.Yu Deng-Chuan, born in 1961, received the Taiwan Fine Arts Exhibition Award for three consecutive years at the age of 24 and was the youngest sculptor to earn permanent exemption from censorship. At the age of 26, after a trip of observation and learning western art, he decided not to be influenced by western art anymore and went back to his daily life, looking for inspiration from it. Mr. Yu used to work at a ceramics factory in Dali where he repeated the same routine every day. Because of that, he started to ponder the possibilities of achieving something through hard work. Thanks to the help of his teachers, he studied under the famous sculptorXie Dong-Liang.

Since then, he has worked hard to learn the skills necessary to make sculpture and participated in various exhibitions and competitions to build up his creative energy. Mr. Yu worked with his teacher Mr. Xie Dong-Liang for 7-8 years and has been greatly influenced by him. Being able to use clay to create something moves him a lot! Mr. Yu used addition and subtraction to describe carving and shaping.  Carving is to subtract and is easily limited by the materials you have.  Shaping is to add whatever media you need. It is less limited by the size of body and has more freedom in terms of creativity. Brass is a kind of media which has the characteristics of being extendable and more expressive, giving artists more freedom to create art pieces. Mr. Yu is deeply attracted to it and has since begun his career as a professional sculptor. 

 Life is the nutrient for creating art

Throughout his artistic career, daily life has always been his inspiration for creating art. In his biography, he mentioned, “For me, creating art is creating miniatures of every life: from the pregnant mommy series, the family series to the current child series – they all reflect different stages of my life: my childhood in a simple andrustic village in the 1950s; my rebellious youth in the industrial era of the 1970s to my middle-aged life in the IT era of the 1990s. My life has changed drastically every 20 years! I am really looking forward to finding out what surprise is in store for me when I am a senior.” Mr. Yu uses his sculptures to keep track of his life, displaying different stages of his life through his works. The pregnant mommy series was created when his wife was pregnant. He was even nicknamed “the big belly sculptor” at that time. After his child was born, he created the “family series”. As his child grew up, he created the “childhood series”. In the childhood series, the simple, innocent and happy faces of his sculptures are the vivid reflection of his own childhood. From these innocent and happy faces and the dynamics of the toys from that era, we see the characteristics of simplicity and kindness unique to it; it also reminds many people of the shared memories from that period of time as well as the perspectives and cultural characteristics of that particular time we never consciously knew. Mr. Yu uses his sculptures to record history and froze those happy and touching moments for us. Because of his works, we are reminded constantly of that peaceful and hopeful time we once had.
 Display the Culture Aspects of Different Time Periods

Mr. Yu believes, “Art is a kind of internal feeling displayed through external forms.” During his career as a professional sculptor for the past dozens of years, he created the “Pregnant-Mommy Series”, “the Family Series” and the “Childhood Series”. He uses simple and plain forms to express the memories of his generation, simple yet touching.  Like Mr. Yu says, “My life changed drastically every 20 years! I am really looking forward to finding out what surprise is in store for me by the time I am a senior.” Our life has changed drastically because of the invention of electronic devices and cellphones. It has reshaped our lives and changed our behavior, leaving traces in our lives. In this exhibition, in addition to the classic works he has created in the past, Mr. Yu has also tried to explore various aspects of life in the present. Hopefully, through the observation and interpretation of his sculptures created in the past as well as more recently, we are offered a chance to see those cultural aspects of various time periods which display good-old-days’ images in life we forgot. Just like the photos  freeze the particular moments and record them permanently.
 “ Good Life –Yu Deng-Chuan Sculpture Exhibition “will lead us to ponder social issues with a humorous perspective and guide us to discover the touching unique features and elements of different time periodsand reminisce about that good life we secretly kept in our memories. 

1、The dialogue of sculpture and poetry-Mr. Kang Yuan
      Time: PM 2:00,Saturday, July 22nd, 2017
      Location:Exhibition Room A
      Participation: Free admission
 2、Parent-Child Wax Sculpture DIY Workshop
       Time: PM 2:00-5:00,Saturday, August 12th, 2017
      Participation:Those who interested may register at the   information desk after July 8th,2017.Only 20 spots are available.Registrations will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.
Last Update Date:2017-06-26

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