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Arts Humanities Music Culture It is a building created from the concept of "Taichi-Central Philosophy" and "Art, Culture, Building".
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What does modern dance bring to mind for you?
For this year’s festival we continue the theme of modern dance. We have invited four dance troupes to demonstrate their ideas in movement or dance interpretation to audiences at the experimental theatre. The very first performance to come up at the end of August is “Lost in Grey” from Resident Island Dance Theatre; next we have “The Age of Silence”- a performance demonstrationand dance workshop experience with the Century Contemporary Dance Company; in addition to shows by the above-mentioned dance troupes, we also have “ FreeSteps” by HORSE.  In November, a dance performance exploring the nature and unique features of dance - “The Fool” brought by Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company will definitely be a fresh and multilayered experience of dance and installation art for our audience.  It will surely take your impressions of theatre and exhibition space to a new level.  Please be sure to follow our announcements!

“Lost in Grey” by Resident Island Dance Theatre
At 14:30, August, 26th (Mon.) / Venue: The Experimental Theatre
Tickets: ArtsTicket  NTD450/person  To purchase tickets:

Dancers of different personality types, accompanied by screaming techno string music, move their bodies anxiously and stressfully, not knowing what to do exactly.  It’s as if they are forced under certain conditions to move involuntarily, trying desperately to claim something or get rid of something…until such pressure is able to let go its tight grip…before being totally suffocated, finally able to breathe, the dancers, with their weak consciousness, look for or return to a certain balance with their environment.

“The Age of Silence”-a performance demonstrationand workshop by Century Contemporary Dance Company
At 14:30, Sep., 8th, 2018 (Sat.) / Venue: The Experimental Theatre
Tickets: ArtsTicket NTD400/person  To purchase tickets:

“The Age of Silence” is a Yao Shu-Feng retrospective exhibition; collaborating with te\geavant-garde fashion designer Huang Jia-Xian, they are once again brought together after their previous collaboration “Four Winds, Four Happinesses”. Furthermore, with Huang Qi-Jun, the 3-D3Dartist of the new generation, on board with them, this performance is about using multiple dimensions to compose movement in random ways.  It also mocks our stereotypes by way ofimplementingoriental classical elements, and once again combs through the relationship between the sexes from past to the present.

“FreeSteps-The Horniest Imagination of Su Jia-Wei“ by HORSE
At 14:30, September, 22nd, 2018 (Sat.) / Venue: The Experimental Theatre
Tickets: ArtsTicket NTD400/person  To purchase tickets:
The performance is 60 minutes long without intermission.

A performance that requires of the audience an unlimited imagination
“FreeSteps Series” is part of the “Ten-Year Choreography Plan” created by choreographer Mr. Su Wei-Jia in 2013.  The limitations of this plan are dancers must face their bodies honestly and develop dance steps to challenge their limits in choreography so that the motion and stillness and light and shadow of every moment, each time between exhaling and inhaling and the struggle and burning of their body each time it is stretched form a clue that is like a poem to allow our imagination to explore what tickles us deep inside.

“The Fool” by Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company
At 14:30, Nov., 10th, 2018 (Sat.) / Venue: The Experimental Theatre
Tickets: ArtsTicket NTD450/person / Tickets are not for sale yet, please wait for a little while.

It explores the nature and unique features of fools.  By taking the position of the fool’s role, a free and unrestrained event is created.  The Fool is a performance combining dance, drama, installation art and gimmicks.  Last year, “Foot in – Complex – Walking in the Tun District Art Center“ was such a sensation that this year, the Scarecrow Contemporary Dance Company will bring the audience in Taichung “The Fool” in the Tun District Arts Center again.  The dancers’ costumes and propssettingon stage will definitely bring the audience a new and different experience.
Promising Choreographer Gao Xin-Yu
Last Update Date:2018-08-14

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