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Arts Humanities Music Culture
Arts Humanities Music Culture It is a building created from the concept of "Taichi-Central Philosophy" and "Art, Culture, Building".
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【Art News】
Data Icon 2017 Taichung Arts Festival Installation Art Exhibition, “Shining Taichung, Umbrella Art” Push To Plurk Push To Facebook
It’s time to go back to school! Come and learn about art and culture with the Leopard Cat Family! Let's get ready for the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition and enhance the beauty of life.

Lesson One: Visual Arts
Name of lesson: The Flora Umbrellas
Let's follow leopard cat brother Life's steps and appreciate the colorful umbrella decorative arts on the wall outside of Taichung City Tun District Art Center! Doesn't this wall of art look like Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's works? The design of these delightful, eye-catching flora umbrella images will even glow in the dark!

Lesson Two: Performing Arts
Name of lesson: Singin' in the Rain
Leopard cat sister Love is singing and practicingin order to learn the world-famous musical 'Singing in the Rain'. Everyone is invited to sing and dance  with this cheerful song!

Lesson Three: Poetry and Literature
Name of lesson: The Colorful Flower Bouquet
Romantic poems on a breezy fall day...leopard cat dad Leo will be our literature teacher for the day and introduce the local poets to us. We can slow down and enjoy the lovely poetry and vivid flower arrangements, made with umbrellas that feature changing colored lights.

Lesson Four: The Beauty of  Nature
Name of lesson: A Sunflower Farm in Autumn
Leopard cat mom Leona revels in the autumn garden, as we appreciate Taichung Taiping District artist Wang Sho-ying's vivid sunflower paintings, and enjoy the simple lifestyle noted in Wuri District scholar Chen Ro-shi's words 'make a house out of the trees and grow flowers while working on the farm'.

Lesson Five: A Flora Exposition Tour with Love
Name of lesson: Shining with Flowers and Umbrellas
As you line up to enter Taichung City Tun District Art Center with the Leopard Cat Family, you can enjoy a number of splendid art displays, as the art of raindrops, flowers and butterflies in the air welcome all to visit the 2018 Taichung World Flora Exposition!

Lesson Six: Aesthetic Colors
Name of lesson: Sparkling Taichung
As you walk into Taichung City Tun District Art Center, look above your head and enjoy the colorful umbrellas floating in the air. This beautiful artistic design makes it feel as if the flora exposition were brushing glitter onto Greater Taichung.

Lesson Seven: Photography Arts
Name of lesson:Be there or be square
Have you gotten to know more local artists and scholars through today's art and cultural events? Let's take a photo with the Leopard Cat Family and Horsiver to preserve this pleasant memory together!

Extra Curriculum Activity: DIY Painting
Name of lesson: Paint your own umbrella
The most popular DIY event is coming soon! Sign up before it's too late! Design and paint on an umbrella to create your own unique, creative umbrella art.
Last Update Date:2017-09-29

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